Why You Should Hire A Dump Truck Service For Construction Projects Over Renting One

Posted on: 14 May 2015

Whether you need gravel hauled to a job site or have rubble you need cleared, a dump truck is one of the most convenient and useful heavy construction equipment tools you can have in your construction zone. Rather than rent a dump truck yourself, hire a dump truck service company to do the work for you. Here are 3 reasons why this option is so much more beneficial to you.

1. Safe transportation

Dump truck services provide both the vehicle and the certified driver to load up and haul your material. Most companies require their drivers to hold a CDL, in addition to passing a drug test to ensure safe driving and transport of your construction supplies. These companies are also insured against accidental damage to your property or the materials within their trucks while they are being loaded or in transit. Material a dump truck service company can haul for you include:

  • wet concrete
  • gravel
  • mulch
  • recyclables
  • stone/dirt/sand material

When you rent a dump truck, the liabilities while loading, hauling, and depositing materials is all your own. With a dump truck service, it is up to the company to make sure everything goes smoothly.

2. More cost-effective

Many dump truck service companies charge for their services by the hour. The charge typically starts when the dump truck arrives at your job site, and ends when all your loads have been deposited in their final destination. When you rent a dump truck, you often pay by the day or week, even if you only use the heavy equipment for a few hours. Dump truck rentals can range between $200 to $2,000 per day, depending on how large of a vehicle you need. This rate does not include a deposit (if applicable).

If cost is a concern, contact dump truck rental companies as well as service companies and see which rates will better suit your needs. Many dump truck service companies can even give you a rough estimate on how long you may need their services to give you an idea of final cost.

3. Greater work site productivity

When you hire a dump truck service company to haul your supplies for you, you and your crew can continue working around them. When you rent a dump truck on your own, you have to use one of your own workers to drive the vehicle, and many other hands to load it. Hiring a service to do this for you allows your construction crew to remain busy without interruption, which keeps everyone more productive.

When you need something hauled to or from your construction site safely, a dump truck service company is the best option. A professional driver can safely load and haul materials for you while you and your crew can stay busy on your project. This can ultimately save you time and money, and can be much more convenient to you than renting a dump truck to do all the loading and hauling on your own.

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