Maximize Your Company's Profits With An Organized Shipping Department

Posted on: 20 May 2015

The shipping and receiving department in most businesses is extremely important because the products sent out will be a direct reflection on you and your company. Everything about shipping out your products matters a lot, from how it takes to get orders out to customers to how well your packages are marked and packed. The best way to ensure a fast moving shipping department is by maintaining organization:

Shelving Can Make More Room And Provide Mobile Storage

Metal shelving with castor style wheels can be the perfect way to store material you need for packing. Shelving that rolls in between isles makes it a lot easier on employees during picking and packing products. One tip to keep in mind is making sure the aisles between your storage racks are wide enough to move mobile shelving through with ease.

Adding a roll-out shelf for using as a work station for packing products is a good idea for helping to save time. Once the package is ready to go out, your employee can put it on another shelf to roll out to the shipping areas for sending it on its way.

Plastic Bins Make Great Stack-able Storage For Fragile Products Or Materials

For the material you cannot stack because they could break or the ones that are oddly shaped can be stored in plastic storage bins. Plastic storage bins stack on top of one another easily, making the storage of hard to stack items easier. Making tasks easier for your shipping employees can mean maximizing your profits through time savings.

When packing products or materials into plastic storage bins, always remember they are packed in a manner that will prevent them from shifting inside the bin. Keeping packing peanuts and bubble wrap handy at storage areas for plastic bins is a good way to reinforce organization.

Making It Easier To Clean Means Cleaning Happens More Often

Being the most organized means taking the time to keep work areas clean. When trash cans become full and items are cluttered about, your employees may have a harder time finding what they need for getting out your products to customers. Reinforce cleaning and organization through employee courses and training for getting the most organization and time savings in your shipping department.

Taking advantage of every opportunity to save time and money in your business is essential for you to make the most profits and experience the highest level of success. Take a walk through of your shipping department and make a list of the ways you could make it more organized and clean. Remember to ask your shipping employees about the things you could do to help make their job easier and faster.

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