3 Tips For Getting A More Accurate Price Quote When Hiring A Crane Service

Posted on: 24 June 2015

If you are thinking about hiring a crane service, you could be worried about how much it will cost. The good news is that a crane service can be more affordable than you probably think, and you can always call for a price quote beforehand so that you can carefully budget for this service. When calling, however, you will need to know a few things in advance if you want to get the most accurate quote possible. These are a few of the things that you should know.

1. Have Accurate Size Measurements

You will need to have accurate size measurements if you want a reliable quote. For example, you will need to know the height, width and weight of the item that you are planning on having lifted. You should also take measurements of the work area where the crane will be working so that the crane operator will know how much space that he or she will be working with. This information will help your crane rental company choose the right crane for your needs and let you know how much it will cost.

2. Provide Accurate Property-Related Information

Your crane operator will need to know a little bit about the property that the crane will be used on, such as where the property is located and if there are any utility lines around. Then, the crane company can determine if special permits or equipment will be needed or if additional site preparations will need to be made before the project can be done, which can result in added costs.

3. Know When You Want the Job Done

Many crane operators work crazy hours and provide services at all times of the year, but the time that you hire the company might have an impact on the cost of the project. For example, many companies will charge more if you need to have the job done in the evening or on a weekend. If it's possible to be flexible, you can save money by doing so. If it isn't, you should at least know when you'll be needing the service so that you can find out if it will require an added cost.

You probably want to know how much hiring a crane service will cost you before you do it. Calling for a price quote will help, and knowing these three things will help you get the most accurate pricing possible so that you can budget and prepare for your project.