Examples Of Hydraulic Repairs To Outsource To A Skilled Machine Shop

Posted on: 24 August 2020

Hydraulics serve an important role in a broad scope of industrial machinery. They power vehicles like dump trucks and earthmovers. They are also used in equipment like saws and milling machines used in the forestry industry. When you want to keep them in good running order, you need to have them serviced regularly. You can seek out a variety of professional hydraulic repair tasks at an experienced machine shop.

Excessive Wear

Hydraulic pumps are susceptible to excessive wear after so many years of use. The parts within the pump itself can wear out and experience issues like stripping or thinning of parts' threads. This wear and tear prevent the pump from working properly.

Rather than repair or replace the parts in the pump yourself, you can send it to a hydraulic shop for servicing. The shop technicians can take out the stripped screws, bolts, and valves and replace them with new parts that have a thick and durable thread on them.


Hydraulic pumps are also susceptible to contamination when they are used in dirty environments. When you use yours out in a dust-laden field or pollen-filled forest, you put the pump at risk of becoming contaminated and clogged with debris from the ground and in the air.

Cleaning out a contaminated pump can be a challenging job and one for which you might lack the skills or time. Rather than use a pump that is full of dirt, pollen and other residues, you can send it to a machine shop to be cleaned. The hydraulic repair technicians know in what areas of the pump to look for residue and use tools like fine brushes and vacuums to remove the debris.


Overheating is a common problem from which hydraulic pumps routinely suffer. When they are used repeatedly each day or for prolonged hours, they can get too hot and cause the machine that they are used in to overheat. They can even ignite fires in the engine or motor. You can prevent overheating by sending your pumps to a machine shop to be properly lubricated and cleaned.

These tasks are some that a hydraulic shop can address for pump owners like you. You avoid having to handle the maintenance or repair work on your own. You get pumps that can be used for months or years longer. Having a machine shop service your pumps also prevents risks like fires.

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