3 Key Issues To Assess Before Choosing A Crane Provider For Crane Rentals

Posted on: 11 June 2021

Crane rental companies allow contractors to access cranes and rigging equipment without purchasing them. This service saves money by catering to short-term equipment needs. However, when you are renting cranes for construction rigging, it's essential to note that the firm you choose can impact your rental experience. Therefore, as you compare different service providers, here are three crucial issues to assess.

Range of Crane Equipment

Rigging operations can vary at different stages of your construction project. One phase may require you to rent a compact mobile crane, while another step may require an indoor spider crane or a tower crane. Choose a company that offers a wide range of cranes. If you need a different crane down the road, you can rent it from the same provider.

Sometimes cranes develop faults in the course of a project. If you don't have another crane at hand, you may suffer costly downtime. However, if your provider has a range of equipment, they can offer you an extra crane while the faulty one undergoes repairs and servicing. 

Crane Rental Packages

What rental packages does the crane provider offer? Do they offer custom rental packages to suit different client needs? Before working with a company, assess the following issues.

  • Type of hire: The rental company should allow you to choose whether you want to hire a company-provided operator as part of your rental package. If you already have an operator, you can save money by renting only the equipment.
  • Repairs and servicing: Find out the party responsible for equipment repairs and servicing during the rental period. If your package requires you to handle maintenance, you may end up paying a lot of money, especially if the crane breaks down mid-project.
  • Crane insurance: Is the crane insured against theft, damage, vandalism, and liability? If an uninsured crane gets stolen or damaged while in your possession, you may have to compensate the rental company for the loss.

As you examine the rental packages, look beyond the rental costs. Assess the above things as they can affect your project and cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Equipment Maintenance Standards

Cranes require proper maintenance and servicing to ensure optimal operations and prevent rigging hazards. Therefore, before renting the equipment, inquire about the company's maintenance standards. Ask the following questions regarding crane servicing:

  • How often does the company service its cranes?
  • Does the company follow any specific standards or checklists during equipment maintenance?
  • Is the company responsible for damage resulting from poor maintenance?

Work with a company that has guidelines in place to ensure proper crane maintenance and servicing. 

Consider the above issues when renting a crane for construction rigging. For optimal operations, always inspect used cranes before renting them for your project.