Advice For Those Using Electric Conduit Benders For The First Time

Posted on: 6 July 2022

You can bend conduits at different angles without struggling at all thanks to electric conduit benders. They do all of the work, fortunately. If you want to succeed with using one of these machines as a beginner, follow these guidelines closely.  

Identify The Desired Angle First

Before you insert a conduit into an electric conduit bender and start changing its form, you want to have a clear idea of what target angle to achieve for areas you plan on treating on the conduit. Then you'll know exactly how to set up this machine and use it in a controlled manner the entire time.

What you can do is grab a conduit that you need to manipulate and mark off sections you're manipulating with specific angles they need to be at. Then you won't forget what specs to comply with when manipulating a conduit with one of these bending machines. 

Make Sure Bend Charts Are Accurate

In order to know how much bending has taken place when using an electric conduit bender, you'll use bend charts. They show how far you would need to go to bend a conduit at different angles. You just want to make sure the bend charts are accurate before getting started.

This is something you can easily check by manually measuring the bend chart and verifying the listed angles are accurate. If they are, you can use the conduit bender and know exactly when to stop based on angles you've deemed appropriate for an electrical project. 

Make Sure Remote Operation is Included

You may eventually have to bend some pretty long conduits. In that case, it's a good idea to use an electric conduit bender with remote capabilities. Then after you get the conduit set up in the machine, you can step back a safe distance and activate the bender.

Bending will happen in a controlled manner and you can use the remote to cease operation once the right angles have been achieved. Even if you're dealing with long conduits, you're not going to put yourself in harm's way and potentially get hit by these materials. You can stand back to easily avoid impact.

You won't have to spend as much time and effort bending conduits if you rely on an electric bender because of its powerful motor. You just need to follow the right guidelines when using this machinery so that you can stay safe and get the right bending results consistently.