5 Benefits of a Crane Service for Your Jobsite

Posted on: 16 September 2022

Cranes are typically reserved for heavy and high lifting jobs at a construction site, whether it's lifting pallets of materials to the roof or moving boulders and concrete blocks around. Although there are workarounds for completing many of these jobs, a crane is usually a better-suited tool than the alternatives. 

1. Save Time

Moving oversized and heavy objects using the wrong equipment takes additional time. For example, it's not uncommon to try and use a backhoe to move concrete slabs around a job site, but the process requires finesse and takes a lot of time. You may also need to put more labor on the job, which can cost you in man hours as well. A crane worked by a skilled operator can move the same materials in a fraction of the time. 

2. Preserve Your Equipment

It's not just time you save by using a crane for the job, but also your equipment. Using expensive construction vehicles for jobs they weren't quite designed for puts unnecessary wear and tear on them. It can also void warranties in some cases, which can be a financial disaster if something does break. Cranes are better suited to heavy lifting compared to other equipment, plus the onus of wear and tear is on the rental service and not on you.

3. Increase Safety

Safety can be a major concern when you are using equipment for jobs that it wasn't necessarily designed for. Anytime something heavy is being moved, the chances of injury or damage increase. Using the right equipment for the job helps minimize these risks, but more important is to have someone that is highly trained in charge of the equipment. Crane operation services supply skilled operators that know and follow all safety protocols. 

4. Schedule On Demand

Waiting around for equipment to arrive can be a pain, costing time for the entire crew. Crane operation services are typically available upon demand, so you can call and schedule them for the exact days and times you need a crane and operator onsite. They will deliver the equipment to your site, and the operator will be on duty at the times you specify.

5. Meet Deadlines

Cranes can speed up a job. For example, instead of a crew spending hours hauling shingles up a ladder, a crane can move the materials to the roof in mere minutes. This shaves time off any job, making it more likely that you will hit your quoted construction deadlines. 

Contact a crane operation service such as ANM Crane Services if your project can benefit from a crane rental.