Custom Construction Trucks — Storage, Transport. And Safety Features

Posted on: 14 December 2022

A commercial truck that can handle a wide range of loading, lifting, and hauling tasks may help you tackle commercial construction jobs. A custom transport truck is one that contains a definitive body type and that possesses custom storage and access features.

The Body Type

A service body is one that contains an open middle cargo section and external storage compartments. This type of truck body can be used to haul large and small pieces of construction equipment. A flatbed or dump truck body is one that will provide ease of access when hauling oversized equipment or when dropping off loads. A custom outfitter can intertwine a flatbed and dumping feature.

Upon arriving at a worksite, a truck operator can access a trip lever that will engage the hydraulic system that is responsible for the dumping action. Some dump truck models contain dual drop sides, which will extend the width of the cargo area.

Calculate how much equipment you use on a jobsite, including the types of raw materials that you are normally responsible for hauling. A custom transport truck manufacturer can design a body that will provide ample room for storage, plus that will ensure that exposed materials are protected from the elements as they are being hauled.


A transport truck that contains a built-in crane or tow bar will aid with lifting or hauling large, heavy items. Either of these extensions are considered add-ons. A ladder rack is a valuable tool that will instantly increase how much storage space is at your disposal. This type of racking system can be secured to the top of your new vehicle.

Many racking systems can be designed to haul ladders, pipes, and other long and heavy items that are not small enough to store within an enclosed cargo area. Mechanical drawers and power locks will keep items protected while your custom transport truck is actively hauling items or is parked at a worksite.

Custom Details

A custom transport truck manufacturer may use aluminum and steel to construct the body of a vehicle. Since these metal types vary in durability and price, check out the benefits of each metal type and compare the pricing that a manufacturer charges for each truck type. Your new transport truck can be custom-painted. The colors of your brick-and-mortar commercial building or your business name can be painted onto the sides, front, or back of your truck's body.