4 Tips For Using A Construction Site Dumpster Rental

Posted on: 13 March 2023

No matter where your construction site is, you'll need a dumpster rental to keep the work area tidy. You'll need to follow city codes on where to place the dumpster, but you can usually place one on residential and commercial lots. Here are four tips for using a construction site dumpster rental.

1. Match The Size To The Job 

If you'll rent the dumpster for a month or more and toss the debris in it daily, you may want to rent the largest dumpster so you don't have to dump it often. A dumpster provides a convenient place to dump debris as you're working and at the end of the day.

The rental company can pick up your full dumpster and exchange it with an empty one whenever you need it, but you may prefer to keep the disruption to a minimum by renting a large dumpster that might only need to be emptied once or not at all during your project.

2. Place The Dumpster In A Convenient Area

If you're renovating a house, you'll probably want the dumpster near the house on the driveway. If you're working on undeveloped land, you'll need to choose a spot that's acceptable to the dumpster rental company. This might be a location away from trees on level ground. Compacted ground, gravel, or a slab is usually better than setting the dumpster on loose soil so the dumpster can be picked up easily.

3. Watch The Weight In The Dumpster

Your construction site dumpster might have a limit on weight. Dumpsters are filled according to volume and weight. You need to keep the volume low enough so debris doesn't stick over the top, and you need to keep the weight within the specified limit.

This may only be a concern if you're putting heavy materials in the dumpster such as concrete blocks. If so, find out the weight limit so you don't exceed it and run into problems when the dumpster is picked up to be emptied.

4. Consider Covering The Dumpster With A Tarp

A construction dumpster may not come with any type of cover, so consider buying a tarp to cover the dumpster at night. One reason to do this is to keep the rain out that could soak boards and increase the weight in the dumpster. Another reason is to keep raccoons, feral cats, and other pests out.

A tarp might even keep people from throwing their own trash in your rented dumpster when you leave for the day. The dumpster rental company will probably prohibit mixing trash with construction debris, so it can be a headache if others start using your dumpster because it's uncovered.